About [CTRL]A

This ICT Role-playing Game is aimed at children starting at the age of 10 years old but it can be played by anyone who would like to experience what it is like to work in an ICT project. A team has 8 players who that will build an ICT product. At the beginning of the game 1 card is chosen from each of the 4 stacks.

These 4 cards form the assignment/business case:

  1. what kind of ICT product is the team going to build
  2. for what kind of audience
  3. how much time or playing rounds does the team get
  4. how much money does each player get.

There can be a maximum of 4 teams (maximum of 32 students) that battle against each other. The team that reaches the most customers by making the right choices in buying product parts that are most suitable for their customer wins!

Our solution


An ICT board game where project management, technique, communication, society and gaming come together.


That [CTRL] A in the future will be available in every school and home (world wide) to be played at any time so that children can be stimulated to chose a study/career in ICT/Technique.

Followed by new editions of the game with regards to other occupations in other (technical) sectors.


Deliver a qualitative product and/or service that is interactive, easy of use and that can be played as often as desirable. A product that is deployable and scaleble for schools, munipicities, organizations as well as at home for children and parents.

A game that has a lasting effect on stimulating parents and children to chose a studie/career in ICT/Technique.


  1. Childen starting at ages of 10 years and older.
  2. Girls in specific
  3. Children with learning disabilities or behavioral challenges.
  4. Parents of children.
  5. Teachers.


Support teachers by advising and stimulating students to chose technical profiles/studies.

Inform and excite children, teenagers,and parents about ICT, the importance and applicability it has in society and the potential functions and positions that are available in this area of expertise.

The goal of EQIP Consultancy is to

  • 1
    Interactively get students acquainted with the development of a product/service from beginning to end.
  • 2
    Support Schools, teachers and deacons with advisement of students regarding ICT-studies.
  • 3
    Inform children about ICT, the diversity of roles and importance of ICT in our society.
  • 4
    To interest children and make them enthusiastic about a study/career in technique (especially girls!)

About Vanessa Engelhart /
Managing Director

As an enthusiastic freelance ICT-professional with a sparkling personality I have more than 10 years of experience in: management of IT engineers/IT specialists/internal and external supplier, Consultancy, Project and Program Management, (ITIL/LEAN) processes, implementation and optimization of 1st, 2nd, 3rd line support departments.

I am flexible and have a result-oriented approach, own strong communication skills and a customer friendly and “can do” mentality. Quality, integrity and professionalism are very important qualities and competences for me at all times.

I am most enthusiastic when I coach employees or optimize and professionalize existing environments/departments to a higher level of quality using “out of the box” approaches.
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  • Computers
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